Compact House: Not Only Design, But Also Lifestyle

Compact House: Not Only Design, But Also Lifestyle

Compact design is mushrooming all over the world. What is meant by this compact design? Can it be applied to our character? Let’s discuss it with warehouse Furniture!

Rice has become porridge; that proverb is what is struggling in the mind of Salma, a housewife who has just decided to buy a house at a relatively cheap price.

Because, at that price, the housing that Salma got was not as she wanted. He just got a house with a very small land area. “It’s called RSSSS, the House is very simple Super once, ” he said half grumbling.

As a result, he was confused to organize the contents of his house, considering the items in his old house was very much.

He also “consulted” with Mbah Google, then got a solution to his needs, namely the compact house design concept that prioritizes practicality of form, space with multi-function, to maximum residential use.

However, one thing to think about is the number of items owned by the Salma family, whether it is needed or just a “memory object”.

Is the concept of the compact house can be obtained with a typical lifestyle of Indonesian people who like to “collect ” items that are not needed?

What Is The Definition Of Compact Design?

Compact House: Not Only Design, But Also Lifestyle
Compact House: Not Only Design, But Also Lifestyle

The term “compact “is often interpreted as the word” compact”, which means that it is practical and does not require a lot of space. This term is what Associates the design on furniture-double function furniture that will certainly save space needs.

Apparently, this compact house concept has been introduced since 1978, you know! In that year, there was a social movement called the” Tiny House Movement ” in the United States which was formed because of the limited land left, even though the need for housing was increasing.

No wonder tiny houses with very compact designs began to appear in the United States, Canada, and beyond. In fact, this allows the existence of nomadic houses that can move from one place to another, especially in the Americas that are not too often affected by earthquakes.

This concept began to develop along with the rapid growth of technology. Any media platform can “spread ” information about this compact house, which is also executed in an interesting and alluring visual. No wonder then that many talkative people want this compact house concept for their residential design.

Compact design with Regard to Lifestyle

However, one thing that should be underlined is whether this compact design fits the lifestyle you lead?

The reason is that there are still many people who like a maximalist and consumerist lifestyle, which is to collect items that are not only based on needs, but based on desires and memories that arise behind them.

Imagine, if you have a collection of bags more than 20 pieces, but you have to put it in a room measuring 3 x 3 meters. This is the bag that will fill your bedroom, right?

Therefore, adjusting to the needs, shouldn’t you slowly “change” your maximalist lifestyle? Because, if not changed, maybe your compact design will only last for a few months.

How To Implement Compact Design

Do not be mistaken, compact design not only put small-sized furniture into a room, but not useful to the fullest. There are several “precise moves” that you can apply to apply this compact design.

1. Multifunctional Furniture

By using multifunctional furniture–such as a sofa that can function as a shelf-you can save space needs.

The reason is, two or more furniture functions are in one product, so you won’t take up a lot of space to do various activities, right?

2. The Existence Of Folding Furniture

It is undeniable, the existence of furniture that can be folded will help you save space, considering you can fold it when it is not needed.

The Shape of this folding furniture is various, it can be a folding chair, a folding table, or even a folded bed.

3. Wearing A Minimalist Design

The minimalist form of space and furniture will help you “save” space, given the absence of excess ornaments that will only take up a lot of land for placement.

4. Maximizing The Remaining Space

Sometimes, people ignore the existence of the rest of the space, such as the area under the stairs, attic, or mezanine. In fact, you can use these remaining areas to the fullest with functions that are still possible and do not damage comfort, you know!

Use the remnants of the space as effectively as possible, can be a warehouse, bookcase, study room, sitting area, or bedroom.

5. Use materials that are easy to maintain

One of the characteristics of compact design is the effective use of furniture and other space elements, not least with the selection of materials that are easy to maintain and not susceptible to damage in all conditions.

So, are you ready to apply compact design into your home, office, or life? Also take a peek at the products for this compact design in the website.

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