Tips For Caring Ergonomic Chairs To Longevity

Tips For Caring Ergonomic Chairs To Longevity

Often we forget to pay attention to the working chair used. As a result, the work chair does not function optimally because it has damage to several parts, such as legs, hand wheels, backrest, and exfoliation of the seat skin.

It also makes the office need to spend more budget to repair or replace the chair with a new one. In fact, if cared for and maintained properly, work chairs can be more durable and always look like new furniture.

Caring Ergonomics Chairs To Longevity

Caring Ergonomic Chairs To Longevity
Caring Ergonomic Chairs To Longevity

Here are some tips you can do to take care of the work chair.

1. Avoid using chairs not in accordance with their function

Office work chairs that are used not in accordance with their functions will certainly be more easily damaged. For example, do not get in the habit of climbing and standing on it for certain purposes, swinging the chair when the feature is locked or sitting on the armrest/back of the chair.

Therefore, use the chair for its intended purpose only, that is, for sitting. Thus, the chair is not easily damaged and can be used for a long period of time.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner

Next, clean the chair using a vacuum cleaner. This method needs to be done to ensure that all dirt is completely lifted, especially on chairs that are not waterproof, such as chairs with fabric and mesh seats.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner can also clean the dust in detail to certain corners that cannot be reached by hands. Make sure you regularly clean office chairs so that dirt does not accumulate and become a nest of mites.

3. Adjust the seat to capacity

Be sure to use the chair according to its capacity and function. It’s good to choose a chair according to its weight capacity, we must detail and ask first before buying about the maximum capacity of the chair and adjust it to the weight of the user, so that this chair does not support excessive loads, because it can make the chair age faster damaged.

Those are tips for caring for office chairs to make them more durable. Although some office chair prices are priced at an affordable nominal, you still have to use and maintain office chairs as well as possible.

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