The Advantages of Rattan Chairs and Unique Designs That You Should Know

The Advantages of Rattan Chairs and Unique Designs That You Should Know

Chair Furniture has a variety of materials, one of which is rattan. This type of natural rattan chair has very strong properties so you don’t need to be afraid of falling when sitting. While, synthetic rattan chairs are superior in design, although their strength is not like natural rattan chairs.

The Advantages of Rattan Chairs

The Advantages of Rattan Chairs
The Advantages of Rattan Chairs

Each chair furniture must have its own advantages, as well as rattan chairs used in housing. Here are the advantages of rattan chairs that you should know :

1. Light but strong

In places with a high level of mobility, such as hotels and restaurants, rattan chairs are often used as an option. This is because the rattan chair has a light weight so it is easy to slide or move. Despite the light weight, rattan chairs are still strong and not easily damaged, especially those made from natural materials. In addition, rattan chairs are also able to give a natural touch and the weaving adds aesthetic value.

2. Eco-Friendly

Compared to wooden chairs that need to cut down trees to obtain raw materials, rattan chairs are more environmentally friendly, you know! This is because rattan is a plant that can be cultivated so that the supply of raw materials will remain smooth without harming or damaging nature.

3. Easy Maintenance

No need to bother to clean the rattan chair. This is because rattan chairs have properties that do not absorb water, in contrast to cleaning sofas that need to be washed if they are stained or spilled drinks. To clean rattan chairs, you only need to wipe or scrape the dirt that has dried and stuck. In addition, if there is damage to the Wicker of the rattan chair, you can simply replace the Wicker on the damaged part, it is not necessary to completely.

4. Affordable Price

Price is always a major consideration factor when choosing furniture, especially for goods intended for a long period of time. Rota chairs are priced at prices that vary in a fairly affordable price range compared to wooden chairs. You can choose rattan furniture as an option compared to Wood, although the price is cheap, the quality is not inferior to other furniture materials.

5. Suitable in Indoor or Outdoor

Most chairs are not resistant to weather, even though they are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Unlike the rattan chair, whether it is used for indoor or outdoor, this chair can still last. Even the famous teak chairs are also not necessarily resistant to the weather.

6. Natural Look

This chair is perfect for those of you who need a touch of natural elements at home, for example carrying a rustic, traditional or classic interior style. The natural color of this chair is a selling point because it can add to the aesthetic impression of the interior and exterior of the House. The natural color of rattan furniture is indeed an advantage that is identical to the natural impression. So rattan material is perfectly combined with rustic, traditional or classic interior styles. You just need to align the choice of furniture with the feel of the interior of the house to produce a harmonious impression.

7. Choice Of Material

In addition to natural rattan, there are currently variations of synthetic rattan that is no less superior to natural rattan. Synthetic rattan is lighter in weight, more weather resistant, more neatly woven, and easier to maintain.

8. Keep Up With The Times

In the current era, rattan handicrafts are able to adapt to the Times that demand the latest designs. This chair can adapt to modern and contemporary styles, two styles that currently have high popularity.

9. Rattan Chair Design

The flexible nature of rattan makes rattan chairs have many design models. In addition, this handmade rattan chair also has a distinctive woven shape so that it has its own character that is ready to provide beauty to the interior design of the House.

Final Words

After knowing what are the advantages of rattan chairs, are you interested in using them? If you choose a rattan chair to equip your dwelling, you should keep it away from exposure to direct sunlight and rainwater because it can make rattan chairs quickly damaged.

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