Things You Must Consider in Choosing an Ergonomic Chair for Work

Things You Must Consider in Choosing an Ergonomic Chair for Work

An ergonomic chair is a type of chair specifically designed to provide optimal support for its user to be comfortable during long-term use and to reduce the risk of injury or physical discomfort.

Choosing an Ergonomic Chair for Work? Consider These Things!

Choosing an Ergonomic Chair for Work? Consider These Things!
Choosing an Ergonomic Chair for Work? Consider These Things!

When choosing an ergonomic chair for work, there are several important factors to consider to ensure optimal comfort and support. Some things to consider include:

1. Headrest

Headrest (Headrest) on an ergonomic chair serves to reduce tension in the neck and shoulder muscles when working in a sitting position.

Provides sufficient support for the user’s neck and head so that they can work or relax comfortably without feeling tired or tense, and promotes a healthy and ergonomic posture when sitting.

Some ergonomic chairs have height-adjustable headrests. Can be set to achieve the most comfortable angle according to user preferences. There is also the addition of a soft cushion on the headrest, which can increase the level of comfort when using the chair.

2. Armrest

Armrests on ergonomic chairs are one of the important components designed to provide support to the user’s arms and shoulders during the time they are sitting in the chair.

The main function of ergonomic armrests is to reduce pressure and strain on the upper arm, shoulder and neck area, as well as to increase comfort during long-term use.

The armrests on the chair can be adjusted to match the height of the workbench and the user’s sitting height. The armrest can be adjusted up and down, back and forth or left-right according to the working position. To increase comfort and reduce pressure on the arm, the armrest has a polyurethane material that is padded like rubber.

3. Foot Base

Support legs on ergonomic chairs have a crucial role in the design of the chair, aiming to provide support and comfort especially for the user’s feet and lower legs.

The main function of this support leg is to ensure proper sitting posture and reduce pressure on the body during use as well as comfortable foot placement without feeling too low or too high. Designed to provide optimal stability so that the chair does not sway or wobble during use.

4. Hydraulic

The hydraulic system on an ergonomic chair refers to a mechanism that uses hydraulic fluid to adjust the height of the chair. It is a key component in ergonomic chair design as it allows the user to easily adjust the chair according to their desk height and comfortable sitting height.

Users need to be able to adjust the height of the chair so that they can comfortably place their feet on the floor with their knees at an angle of about 90 degrees. The main function of this hydraulic system is to provide flexibility and ease in adjusting the chair so that users can sit comfortably according to their posture.

Ergonomic chairs often use hydraulic cylinders filled with fluid or air that can be adjusted in pressure. By pressing the corresponding lever or controller, the user can adjust the pressure in the cylinder to adjust the seat height.

5. Mechanism

The adjustment mechanism in an ergonomic chair is a component that regulates various movements and adjustments to provide comfort, support, and flexibility to the user during sitting. Its function is to allow the user to adjust the chair according to their postural preferences and the activity they are currently doing.

Important aspects of the ergonomic seat mechanism include the ability to change the tilt of the seat to change the position of the body, the possibility of locking the seat in a comfortable position, a balance system that follows body movements, arm adjustment for comfort, and seat depth adjustment to adjust the length of the user’s legs.

However, the user must be given clear guidance or instructions to operate the mechanism correctly in order to avoid injury or damage to the seat.

6. Material

The materials used in ergonomic chairs may vary depending on the brand and model of the chair. The choice of material should take into account personal preferences, the environment in which the chair will be used, and the budget.

Final Words

It is important to choose the material that suits your needs to ensure optimal comfort and support when using an ergonomic chair. In addition, make sure that the chair is made with high quality to maintain durability and long-term comfort.

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